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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pisces New Moon

Today the Sun and Moon conjunct at 26 degrees Pisces--our March New Moon. I made this new Soul Speak card to honor it and to help me focus on my intention for this next 28 day moon cycle.

My Sun is Pisces so I feel in sync with this energy. I wrote in my Soul Speak card journal: "I speak for the openness of Pisces to the sea of emotions that is the unconscious--the hidden depths of the human story that we all share. I speak for the ability of Pisces to imagine possibilities, to empathize with others, to love water, to trust in Spirit, to follow her heart."

It just so happens that Mercury and Uranus will be joining this New Moon moment. Mercury will be at 24 and Uranus 26 degrees. Look for some surprises of the heart and mind, sudden revelations and shifts of view. And remember this all sets a tone for the coming two weeks. So don't expect all the fireworks to come at once. By the time of the Full Moon things may have sorted themselves out and we can begin to enjoy the new lay of the mental and emotional land. Meanwhile keep your boat pointed downstream and enjoy the ride. Jupiter is still in Pisces (at 13 degrees) so that can lend an optimism that may just keep your boat afloat.

I want to mention I used Mayumi Odo's art for the Pisces swimmer in this card. So beautiful. If you admire it check out her website. Just google her name. The water comes from Carl Jung's art, printed in the recently published tome, The Red Book. There is a kind of sea monster there in the water that our brave Pisces swimmer is cozying up to. The unconscious is like that, full of all kinds of things, both wondrous and frightening. The sky in the card leans more toward the cosmic wonder of it all. If any sign can embrace these things it would be Pisces.

On a personal note, I'll be heading to Taos at the end of this week to look for a place to live. I plan to be there by the Spring Equinox on Saturday, the 20th, for a personal ceremony to set intention for my new start there. Since the Sun goes into Aries at that time, and Aries is the natural beginning of the wheel of the 12 signs of the zodiac, it is the natural beginning of the yearly cycle--the "real" New Year. That makes it the equivalent of a BIG New Moon time, in the sense of it being the initiating phase of the upcoming year.

We all know there's power in visualizing and desiring and setting intention when it comes to achieving our goals. This week offers two prime opportunities to set one's course.

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