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The collage art I use for each New Moon blog is chosen from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This month's new moon is in Aquarius (Saturday, the 13th, 6:51 Pacific, at 26 degrees). And so I created this Soul Speak card to honor Aquarius. I remembered that it is associated with the major arcana Tarot card, The Star, so read what Angeles Arrien has to say about it in her book, The Tarot Handbook.

To quote: ...the Star is the universal principle of self-esteem and confidence. When we trust our inner guidance and direction we see things more clearly and become more spontaneous, like flowing water, with our feelings. The Star speaks to our inherent light or life force that has every intention of actualizing creative be an opening through which the Divine can manifest. Another thought from her: Confidence is the ability to confide in yourself.

We are all familiar with the Aquarian urge to gather and share knowledge, to know what's going on, both in a spiritual/philosophical sense and also in the sense of current world affairs. And Aquarians, as a rule, are not shy around technology, especially those involving communication. They like to stay in touch. Also Aquarians are not afraid to work with others to achieve their humanitarian goals and ideals. They understand the importance of rituals, both in their private lives and with groups of like-minded friends.

Speaking of rituals. I've been reading Barbara Hand Clow's dense book, The Mayan Code. It's not for the faint of heart, but I'm finding it worthwhile. She is talking about how the time acceleration that we are experiencing now (since 1998-9) is affecting our emotions and mentions that it helps us to practice noticing the cycles of the Moon. In this blog I have tried to remind myself and my readers each month when the new Moon is occurring.

I always say its a good time to make plans and set intention for the upcoming Moon cycle (around 28 days). Interestingly, while agreeing with this, she notes that she sees the Spring Equinox as the real new year time of the year's cycle. This makes sense, since it starts with the Sun in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac and the most energetic. So that is not too far ahead of us now. Interesting for me to note, the Sun was in Aries when I started this blog and my practice of creating Soul Speak cards. I know, because I made a card for Aries, one of my first.

By the way, you don't have to have an Aquarius Sun to be an "Aquarian" type. I have Venus and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius, Aquarius rising and my Moon conjunct Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius). Everything I do as an artist, a spiritual seeker, an astrologer, a writer, is influenced by this energy.

In honor of Valentine's Day I made a second card this week--The Lovers. It will soon be on my Flickr page and I'll share it also on Facebook.

I've been re-organizing my card images and plan to put up an album of cards that I am offering for sale both on Flickr and on Facebook. Work in progress's progressing.

Love and blessings to all...

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