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The collage art I use for each New Moon blog is chosen from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards.
This is a 44 card divination deck and booklet that can be purchased via my website. (see link in right column).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In December I made the collage on the left to reflect an important (to me) aspect of Sagittarius energy, that of the urge to explore. This is one of many archetypes that I have chosen to experience in this life (as per Carolyn Myss's book, Sacred Contracts). And yet I am generally a home-body. So I am always torn within myself as a grab the helm of my new ship and head out.

I picture myself selecting this card in my deck and using it as encouragement to pursue some adventurous activity I had been putting off at the time. And I also think the explorer has a lovely task to bring back to their community images and insights gained.

And on this we all go, willing or not, into a new year in our ongoing adventure of the "interesting times" that we are living in! It is taking most of us out of our comfort zone. My personal strategy is to take care of what I can do to stay calm within myself. I focus on creating from an inner sense of who I am and what I can contribute to the greater good. Sometimes I realize that it's a matter of giving attention to what I appreciate and what I wish for and it can feel like prayer. Put another way I am getting that I need to "take charge" of life as I can know it, to cultivate gratitude and joy in myself, to overcome fear and take the practical steps that allow good things to happen for me.

It may sound a little self-centered, but I trust that if we each do our part to stay health-full and peace-full we radiate energy that affects events and others in a positive way. One of the most difficult (for me anyway) angles of this approach is that it does not permit any kind of blaming, whining or otherwise putting others in responsibility for my moods or my troubles. I work to embrace all aspects of my life as though I had consciously created them. Some will say it is true, that we attract everything by the our vibrations (which is not to say with conscious intent) but in any case I find it a useful attitude.

I just finished another card to honor the Sun in Capricorn (now). I tried to insert the image here but that didn't work so I'll recommend you click on the Flickr link to see it.

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