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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kate's New Moon Blog -- October 30 in Scorpio

Now the wheel of cosmic seasons brings us to the water sign, Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. If nothing else this will be an interesting topic for me to write about and hopefully you will find it so. The Sun moved into Scorpio on the 22nd of October and this energy will persist until November 21st. The exact time of the New Moon's conjunction with the Sun (in EDT) is 1:38 PM. On the 31st we'll be honoring Halloween, followed by the Mexican Day of the Dead. So we're looking at interesting times that hover around the awareness of death and things that are scary, challenging, dark and unknown.

A lot of people I talk to regard Scorpio as a scary sign. Why is that? By definition Scorpio is a Water  sign, thus expect a lot of emotional energy burbling up all the time. Among the three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) Scorpio is Fixed. You can easily picture what that might look like. The Cardinal mode leads to taking action and the Mutable mode to connection to others and all things gained by curiosity. In between the predominately Fixed mode will cherry pick their inner circle and mentally visualize their latest desires and just hope life will respond to their magnetism. Add to that, Scorpios can be secretive and seem aloof.

Think of a mature version of an Aries energy, one that is strong willed and driven by personal desires. A Scorpio can usually control their watery feelings,  well, at least keep them inside, so they tend to be hard for us to read.  However they have X ray vision when it comes to them checking us out.

In my studies I've learned that no Soul incarnates as a Scorpio unless they are "old souls." They usually have challenging lives and are deeply pained if not appreciated or their will does not prevail. Scorpios are very aware of power issues. They tend to prefer to be on top and will work hard to deserve the respect and trust of others. They see life from a deeper perspective than most people and this can put off others who prefer to live on the surface. They have an intense ability to work hard so it's difficult to keep up with them.

There is a masterpiece book about the Planet, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. It's called "Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Volume 1 and 2)" by Jeff Green. The book offers a thorough explanation for your natal House position of Pluto. I can say this book's perspective has been very helpful to my own sense of purpose.

If you tend to think you got the wrong end of the stick when you were born into a particular family or  environment that seem to have made everything in your life impossibly difficult, this book can offer intelligent and wise help toward your transformation.

When you are considering making positive intentions for this New Moon time I hope you can let these descriptions of Scorpio issues float in your unconscious or something.

At heart the individual Scorpio ultimately desires intimacy and loyal partnership, but it's difficult for them to achieve their romantic dreams because they can be so challenging for their partners. They may have to try and try again or give up.

Like you, I'm sure, I'm noticing the shorter days. I always like to remember a description of this time now--"the fruitful darkness."I think it came from Demetria George, author of "Asteroid Goddesses," another book that had a big influence on me.  Obviously the words make a positive out of what we see as a negative. Guess I'm contrary but I seem to be attracted to such challenges. Back in the hippie days I was attracted to the I Ching's --"Work on What is Spoiled." It's emotional for me to write it now for some reason. I think it is a very Scorpio idea, to take something seen as useless and overlooked by others and turn it into something healing and beautiful.(the change, the transformation).

Transformation is always inner work and this is the beginning of the best time of year for it.

But what will the poor people living here in Florida do for a challenge? They have all their sunny warm days to contend with. Guess they can still complain about the shorter days of sunshine?  Oh, I guess there is more traffic when the visitors come down from the north. So I've heard.

Happy Halloween to all,


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