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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kate's New Moon Blog - in Sagittarius on November 29th

Here comes the most optimistic of the 12 signs in our annual cycle, Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The art this time is a card I created to reflect a birthday sentiment, "I'm So Glad for the Day you were Born,"

The first image for Jupiter's planetary energy that comes up for me is Santa Clause and the magical season of Christmas. Perhaps I'm taking it from the point of view of a child, especially in these materialistic times.

Jupiter is definitely the most positive, most optimistic of all our 12 planets. The Sun in Sagittarius began in November 21st and will rule until December 21st. By Christmas day the Sun will have moved on to Capricorn, an oppositely restrained sign.

But its the New Moon we're interested in. It's also called the Dark Moon. Its energy is slow, inward and thoughtful. A New Moon will have a specific time based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. This one happens to be at 7:18 AM (et) and falls on 7 degrees Sagittarius on its chart. But each New Moon brings with it a period of days in which we can be aware of this slowing down and inward tendency.

There is a receptivity to a New Moon time that will offer fresh insights and supports us if we visualize ways we can change or improve in our never ending growth process. If we can get clear now about setting an intention this is the best time to expect support and positive results.

The theory among astrologers (that I share) is that if you focus on the sign of the New Moon's conjunction, in this case Sagittarius, it will enhance this exercise of making intention. Call it a "go with the flow," thing

So lets take a good look at what the present Sagittarius energy brings to us. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter which is interested in the world, in the big picture. It likes to be abundant and giving, it likes the outdoors, being active in nature and enjoys sports and a degree of competition. Travel is also enjoyable, anything that expands the mind. It also supports ideas of justice and fairness.

A person with a dominance of Sagittarius in their natal chart will be outgoing and finds it easy to make friends. However they like their sense of personal freedom so may be reluctant to commit to long term relationships. Or alternately they might find someone with similar tendencies who will understand their issue and give them lots of space. These people have a trust in Life Itself that is magnetic. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and that means they get a lot of their "knowing" from the inside. They trust in their intuitions. and tend to "walk their talk." The Fire Element gives them vitality and a tendency to reach out and connect with people, new information and ideas.

I'm thinking about the way may of us have been feeling since the Trump election. Hopefully this Jupiter energy will help us find our own determination to stay as positive as possible and not let negative feelings sideline our best faith and vision for the future. May this positive energy support us through our current time. Let us continue to dream and visualize a smarter, kinder world for the sake of all children and our planet.

Happy Holidays and Love,


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