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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Moon in Libra

  1. On Friday, the 30th of September we'll find the New Moon, at 8:11 PM in EDT. The Sun, and thus our Sun/Moon conjunction, is in the sign, Libra. So the main focus of the energy will be on all things relational, especially close people, and how we manage this dance.  
Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus. The Libra types (an important influence of Libra in their natal charts) love to keep everything running smoothly when it comes to relationships. They will usually dress well, and they like their homes to reflect their love of harmony, beauty and order. Behind their cool appearance there is a mental tendency (thanks to the Air influence) that keeps their own interests and intentions in mind. They have a keen sense of aesthetics and also can turn on the charm when called for. There is often a penchant for mannerly behavior.

So for the time that the Sun stays under the influence of Libra we will all have lots of opportunities to feel the human longing for relationship and social interactions. We can experience new ways to achieve balancing things in our lives in general. Perhaps we can see and express things in a different way. Some of us might be sparked by the Venus side of Libra into some new level of creativity. 

So on the New Moon I suggest taking this leaning toward positive relationships and make intentions that will benefit our success in these realms.

For those of you who have been fussing about Mercury being retrograde you can relax. Mercury is going forward now, but at a slow pace. Still it's heading in the right direction. There will be a gradual speeding up and all things Mercury will normalize, things can move forward.

Under the influence of Libra we are more open to meeting others half way. It will be easier to see our partners as teammates and to appreciate their contribution to your life.

The art I've chosen for this blog today paints a pretty sweet picture of partnership. It is full of symbols of vitality and beauty. The hands speak for all the things we do to keep things running in an orderly and balanced way. 

Oh, I forgot to mention the planet, Venus, is now in the sign Scorpio. That could make things more interesting in the world of relationships. Could be some intensity you didn't see coming.

I'm missing the companionship of friends here. And you know who you are! Yes, I miss you.Thankfully Katrina and family are settling in here now and we can share an extended family life. 

Love to all,


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