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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kate's Blog - New Moon in Virgo - September 1st

The Sun has progressed from the playful summer energies of Leo to Virgo's "back to school" days. By Thursday, Sept. 1st we'll be experiencing Virgo's New Moon. This month it's combined with a Solar Eclipse (5:03 am EST) and by the 16th there will be a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Pisces. These two eclipses in the same month open a powerful door, along with the New Moon, one that will encourage and help us to leave behind things that we've been wanting to.

This could be a relationship, an addictive habit, a negative mindset, a fear or a stuck feeling. You'll know what. This New Moon time (allow for a day on either side of the exact one) the energy slows down, offering a time to be more introspective and take a look at ourselves, to be more honest and open, noticing the things we'd like to change or improve. New Moons offer the most supported and powerful energy for setting intentions.

Each month I create this blog to highlight the energies of the ruling sign with the confidence that this helps us see ourselves from within the flow of present time. You could call it a kind of "be here now" approach. Over the complete 12 months of the year we will have looked at ourselves from 12 very different angles.

The art for this Virgo New Moon mirrors the Virgo quality of wanting to help others. The woman in black I associate with female healers, those intimate with the natural world. Witches and Shamans come to mind. She is an archetype of "the Virgin," she who chooses to be single. She is dedicated to the task of being her own best self, practicing self-love,and demanding her freedom to think and act as an individual. She/he may understand they are called to be an example, an inspiration for others and they focus energy on their spiritual purification.

The owl on her shoulder symbolizes her intimate love of the natural world and her trust in the transfer of higher intelligence through the natural world. Birds, in particular, are seen as messengers between the lower and upper worlds from ancient times to this day.

Virgo is an Earth sign but is ruled by the planet Mercury, associated with the mind and communication of all types. There is a love of order and knowledge. Virgo is an analytical thinker and this can often seem like "critical" from the outside. There are situations where the Virgo point of view can seem to lack empathy.

Another way to see Virgo energy is to study the meaning of the 6th House. It rules the workplace, getting along with co-workers, health, personal self-improvement and helping others. It's here in the 6th that psychology reminds us that our emotional lives strongly affect our health and ability to thrive,

And yet another way to interpret Virgo energy would be through ecology. Many of us are feeling the call to heal and nurture ourselves through better food choices, or buying food directly from growers via farm markets. We are educating ourselves (thank you internet) about the healing use of herbs and super foods while actively boycotting GMO foods or foods we know are traditionally grown with an abundance of pesticides.

I hope some of these Virgo stories can bring to mind ways to look at our own behavior and find something that rings a bell, calls for a deeper look or some "walk your talk" action.

Coming up soon the beneficent planet Jupiter will go from Virgo into Libra, the sign most associated with partnering. For those of you looking in that direction you'll have a year to take advantage of this transit.

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