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Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Moon in Leo on August 2

And now for the celebration of August, a time of summer's peak warmth and the harvest of many of our favorite delicious foods, the sweet and juicy tomatoes, peaches, melons, corn on the cob. It becomes a traditional time for feasting together, playing together and sharing in the outdoors.

It's now that the Sun, ruler of Leo, steps in and takes center stage (from July 22nd until August 22nd. Think of the Sun's energy as everything that's right in our world, He/she's self-assured, generous, 
playful, outgoing and not afraid of being expressive, and they do love being in love.

We can't all be born under the sign of the Sun but it's lucky to have one as a family member or best friend. They are very loyal once they have made a commitment. They like to focus on the bright side of life whenever possible,  but can sink into deep emotional drama when things don't play out their way.

We can only imagine that in ancient times the Sun was IT when it came to a God-like symbol, something to look up to, to see as the ultimate giver of life as humans experienced it then. I think each of us can translate that impressive and essential energy to our own beliefs and experiences of what I'll call the Divine. 

What I'm seeing for a description of this Leo New Moon's energy is a way to integrate the Divine/God aspect of life with ourselves as physical humans and as we find identity in ego personality. How do we trust and remember we are all of that and always that. 

The way I experience this interconnectedness, self with the Divine, is through trust that I am always guided.I feel it as a "gut feeling."I'm sure everyone has their own way of connecting. I suppose I feel depressed or frightened when I can't seem to find that guidance. I's then I feel I'm alone.

This willingness to trust the Divine in ourselves stands out as the most positive gift from Leo energy now. If we see where and when we don't then we might discover who/what it is we are trusting. And how far away from our own deep heart and soul are these "who/whats"? 

Are we letting our egos have too much control? or are we giving too much concern to what people think of us? Do we compare ourselves to others? are we judging ourselves without loving compassion? There are so many ways we can fail to trust our oneness with the Divine, our own pure goodness, our authentic selves.

Let this beautiful New Moon in August spread love, joy and trust in life and in ourselves

Yes, I'm settling in here in Florida, learning how to navigate around in my car. Am missing my family still in NH packing and preparing to join me here in the Sunshine State mid August. There's not a box anywhere to be found in my apartment and I'm proud of that.

with Love,


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