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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon in Libra--September 27, 2011

It's just a few days now after the Fall Equinox (see previous blog) and we've reached the September New Moon.While the Equinox gave us information about the energy we'll see for the next three months, this New Moon day's influence lasts for one month, or the moon's cycle up to the next New Moon.

Part of stopping to honor these particular days in time is the practice of setting intentions. And this is best done at the beginning of cycles, or turning points. And the reason is practical. There is an opening in the flow of time and habit at these points. My own intention in writing about the New Moon in particular is my sense that if you align your intent with that of the archetypal pattern of the astrology chart for that day, then your practice is more potent for its having that focus.

And so we find the Sun/Moon conjunction in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, and always associated with relationship, particularly marriage. In fact this chart shows five planets in Libra and Venus herself (in Libra now) conjunct Saturn, which is considered "exalted" in Libra.

I selected from my past collage cards this one, "The Lovers," which beautifully reflects the energy of this New Moon. While the obvious topic of the art is love and our desire and our capacity for intimacy with a partner, if you look closely at the bottom part of the card you'll see a snake, some fiery roots, spiral patterns and sea shells. These all hint at the challenges and the rewards of a love relationship. And challenges are clearly indicated in the energy of this New Moon chart, and yet it is a strong and courageous chart too.

Both Uranus and Pluto, which are currently in square aspect to one another (and off and on for several more years) are closely aspecting the Sun/Moon conjunction forming a classic astrological pattern, a T-Square. In this case a Cardinal (action) T-Square with it's arrow pointing to Pluto. So if you combine our theme of Libra's love and Pluto's urge to get to the depth of any issue, we find a heightened desire for true intimacy and all that might entail.

Thus the snake is a good symbol for the transformation that can result when we allow the challenges of relationship to change us, to challenge our ego fixations. This possibility explains why Saturn is exalted in Libra. Often Saturn will challenge us when our sense of separateness outweighs our willingness to relate to others in a meaningful way. Yes, Saturn's energy wants us to know ourselves as distinct, to be self-reliant, to know how to say "no." But Saturn likes us to work on ourselves, to purify our egos, to seek wholeness, and believes there is no better stage than a committed relationship.

Pluto is trine Jupiter in this chart and I see this as an indicator of the "piercing of the veils" that seems to be the dominant energy in current time, as seen from the perspective of the Mayan calendar (I talk more about this in my last post). Jupiter rules the "higher mind" and expands our ability to connect with the world of spirit, to see the big picture, to trust in life. When combined with Pluto in a natal chart it can signify great healing ability. It joins the depths of understanding with the heights of spirituality. Very positive and powerful.

For my own case I compared the positions of the planets in the New Moon chart to my natal chart and discovered lots of powerful alignment. The Libra planets fell in my 7th House (of marriage) and the 8th (shared resources, sexuality). Mars is conjunct my natal Pluto/Chiron conjunction. I won't go on...but if you know your own chart this is always a good thing to check.

Possible themes for considering intention: lack of intimate connection, desire for an improved relationship, need to have more boundaries in an existing relationship, desire for better balance between self and others, over-dependence on others, habit of blaming others for what feels wrong, taking responsibility for your moods and attitudes, addiction to feeling loved.

I always try to remember that each person in my field of awareness can offer me some insight about myself. People can be mirrors. Our judgements and irritation show us how we are being triggered and beg the question "why?" So to know ourselves more truthfully we could be taking notes instead of feeding our negative reactions with justifications. This is not fun work but ultimately part of a purification of ourselves that will promote a higher vibrational field. This in turn will attract the events and people to match, and of course a deeper connection to the truth of our being, that we all are, at our core, ONLY LOVE.

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