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Friday, September 23, 2011

The actual moment of the Fall Equinox (3:05 AM MDT) has passed here in Taos, NM, but today is THE DAY. So part of my way of honoring it is to blog about it.

For my art I have chosen an older collage. The figure comes from ancient art and the original was intended to represent a human with both male and female sexual parts. I believe I edited out the masculine and used the feminine so "she" could serve as a Goddess image. Today I wish I had preserved this symbolic integration of the two polarities as it is one of the themes of this equinox.

How fitting that this time of balanced days and nights should occur on the first day of the Sun in Libra, the sign of balance ruled by the planet Venus, lover of equality, harmony and peace! It happens every year, but this year as energies intensify and the time is "now" for unbelievable transformation on our planet, it seems helpful that Libra will be holding the space for our "Unity Consciousness" process (see Denise LeFay's site).

From a different perspective September 23rd is also the first day of "Night 6" in the days that lead up to the new and revised end of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011, as determined by Mayan scholar, Carl Calleman. You all remember the Harmonic Convergence back in the day, well starting today there is a "Cosmic Convergence" that lasts through the 26th. You can google that if you're interested. I met a woman here in Taos who was traveling to San Cristobal in Chiapas, Mexico, for the official gathering. I'd sure like to get a report from her on her return. By the way Calleman is calling the end days of the Mayan calendar "the vibrational launch into a new and more complex Great Evolutionary Cycle."

Barbara Hand Clow has lots to say about the meaning of today's equinox on her site, And while I'm at it...I discovered a new blog site (new to me) which I found to be gathering and sharing posts from other sites that I found relevant to understanding the present times and their meaning and challenges.

So to change the focus here...I have before me the chart of today's equinox. It is believed by some that an analysis of this chart can point to the general energy of the next three months (until the Winter Solstice).

The Sun's position at 1 degree Libra creates a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus. These last two planets will be in and out of a square for some time and their intensity and their mutual angle are mirroring the vibrational energy we on planet earth are receiving from the Milky Way Galactic Center, our Sun, our Source. I have always seen Uranus as a messenger from the Universal Mind, a lover of truth, a trickster who is not afraid of upturning apple carts. Pluto leans more to the emotional realms, the Collective Unconscious, but also loves to dive deep enough to find truth, however harsh that feels/looks. No sissy here. Back in the 60's Pluto and Uranus were conjunct off and on, a similar energy, although I have to say the square feels more challenging, more edgy, if possible. This T-Sqare involves Cardinal Mode energy, the kind that makes you want to take charge, to move out and make something happen that fits your values.

I notice that the Moon and Mars are conjunct in Leo in trine aspect to Uranus. While a trine is seen as something easy and integrated I would suggest that the energy itself will be most lively, brave, intuitive and often surprising in its willingness to be innovative. Looks encouraging for the kind of flexibility I expect we'll need to continue to adapt and adjust our ways in the coming months. Robert Wilkinson, astrologer, says "As you allow the new and different to emerge you may see a new stability in your life."

As you stand in today's Equinox it's good to look back to last Spring's Equinox and the intentions you stated and see now as a time of reaping what we then sowed. How did we do? Should we jettison some plans and focus on others that are proving effective and rewarding? This is a different process than the spring, this has qualities of evaluation and winnowing, this is harvest time, the moment of truth. What can we learn and take forward?

Back in the 90s when I was starting to grok the yin and the yang of Goddess/God, the qualities associated with the Divine Feminine, I recall the words applied to this season, "the fruitful darkness." This was to describe the half of the year that was inwardly directed. Oh, I loved the puzzle of that, the challenge. Obviously it meant the return to your inner life, the looking inward to find the "cave of the heart" where true peace and knowing lies.

I will end with an interesting quote from Denise LeFay, "Libra...makes a natural energetic connect to other-dimensional beings." So I say don't be surprised who shows up looking over your shoulder these days. We can use the help no doubt?

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