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Friday, December 3, 2010

December New Moon in Sagittarius

Our upcoming New Moon takes place Sunday morning, at 10:35 MST where I live. For anyone new to these Soul Speak blogs I'll mention that the day of the New Moon is particularly good for putting aside some time to set intentions for the 28-day period from one New Moon to the next.

There is an initiating energy afoot at each New Moon that makes it powerful for setting personal goals into motion. By the time of the Full Moon, in about two weeks, you should be seeing results. The remaining time will be one of integration at deeper levels.

So with the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, I decided to focus my thoughts on the various symbols associated with the planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. My first thought was "trust in life." Jupiter is the optimist of the zodiac and can see the "big picture." During my process of choosing images for the collage on the left I came across an interesting Buddha figure. The caption under it says " a mudra dispelling fear." (Mudras are hand positions)

That seemed just right to me, both in terms of the general mood of people everywhere now, one of fear and uncertainty, and considering some of my own recent bouts of financial worry. The baby seems to represent my own re-birth into a more wise and optimistic point of view, which Jupiter energy fully supports. In my Soul Speak card journal I wrote, "I speak for the optimistic and trust-full approach to life that often serves to create a positive experience."

Looking at the actual chart for this New Moon the first thing you notice is that the overall energy is not as intense as the past several New Moon charts have been. The last New Moon in Scorpio was no exception to this pattern. Here we seem to be seeing a configuration of planets that allows us to relax a bit and even have some fun with the jovial Sagittarius energy.

Saturn is in a sextile aspect to our New Moon. Sextiles are soft aspects that support and integrate the two planets involved. So you might consider relating Saturn to patterns and habits that you hardly notice but when examined are found to not be aligned with what you'd like to see. If you've already thought of something that fits this description this would be a good time to re-state your intention about it.

Sagittarius is a bright and vital energy, full of enthusiasm. I think most of us would want to call that into our lives. What might be blocking this? Chiron and Neptune continue to be conjunct and this tends to melt our normal boundaries and make us feel more vulnerable than usual. As I've said before, this is a great opportunity to allow past wounds to surface and be acknowledged, a first step toward healing. If you've considered seeking counseling or healing therapy this would be an excellent time.

Pluto is conjunct Mercury now and this can be helpful when looking deeper into our issues or any complicated situations that require analysis. Pluto supports seeing below the surface of things to root causes or truths that have been obscured or hidden for a long time.

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