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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leo New Moon - August 9, 2010

Our next New Moon opportunity for a renewal of best intentions is Monday, August 9, at 8:08 PDT. This conjunction of the Sun and the Moon will occur at 17 degrees, 25 minutes of Leo.

My own concept and intention is, "be all you can be." There is no time of the year that is more positive in regard to the True Self than Leo. Last year I created a card with the words, "let your light shine," another good Leo mantra.

I have been reading articles lately about an increase in Solar Flares, or accelerated Sun activity. Some are interpreting this to mean that the Sun, as a spiritual Source for us earthlings, has information and energy to impart, and many who are sensitive have been feeling it. So another of my intentions is to open myself to this Solar Intelligence in a conscious way. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, this seems to fit our theme.

Another obvious Leo theme is it's rulership of the heart, thus opening one's heart to give and receive love at the highest level possible. I have noticed in myself lately an increased appreciation for the people I know care about me in an ongoing, committed way. Perhaps my isolation here in Taos, from familiar friends and family, is partly responsible. I can only report a shift in my level of warm gratitude toward them.

It's always good to remind ourselves that LOVE is the connection to Divine Energy (vibration) we are at our core and everyone has this. It is not a privileged gift that we give to select people, or receive in return from them.

Summer is at it's zenith in terms of the warm and fun loving energy of Leo. We are all enjoying the last weeks of that feeling that the Sun's days are still long and strong. The farm market yesterday was the most expansive, abundant and beautiful of any yet and this was probably true at farm markets everywhere. I took a lot of photos and will share the best of them in my Taos blog next week.

There is a special association with pleasure in Leo's rulership of the 5th House, devoted to "love affairs and sensual pleasures," among other things. Everything has it's season; now is the best possible time to have some fun with your lover or your partner. Crazy fun. In my card for this New Moon I tried to express this with the sensual trance of the dancer in the foreground. She is willing to get out of her normal, everyday self and "go for it" in her connection to the energy of the moment, the music, the inspiration of the other dancers, even perhaps, the encouragement of those participating by observing her. I want to acknowledge Alex Grey's painting, The Net of Being, for the background image.

Astrologically the chart for the August New Moon is still reflecting the tension of the Cardinal T-Square which in this chart involves 7 planets (it only takes 3 to make a T-Square). That's a lot of tense energy (squares and oppositions) all in Cardinal Mode looking for an action scenario. The focus of the T-Square is the planet Pluto which has little patience for the status quo or political diplomacy. Pluto can take a heavy hand when change is needed and inevitable, such as now. "Heads will roll," is more Pluto's attitude.

So how do we continue to use this alignment for our own change and growth? We are willing to look at the things that are holding us back, to push the "reset button" as many times as it takes, to have the HEART to face the dark places in ourselves (and those who raised us or had influence that was limiting). Leo can supply courage and determination to fulfill our original promise, our destiny.

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