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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Moon in Aquarius--January 23, 2012

This Aquarius New Moon falls on Monday, December 23 (12:39 AM MST). As with all New Moon charts the Sun and Moon are in exact conjunction. In this case at 2 degrees Aquarius.

I always recommend you locate this degree of the sign on your natal chart if you can. Take note of the House it falls in and look for dramatic aspects, such as conjunctions, oppositions or squares to personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars). These points will be highlighted by Aquarian/Uranian energy.

Here you'll experience new perspectives, innovative ways of doing things, of seeing. Your need for personal freedom may assert itself. You have a heightened appreciation for your own uniqueness and that of others. If someone or a situation has been limiting you this would be a time to address them or it. There is energy and courage available now to ask questions and challenge conventional wisdom.

Mars will be going retrograde on the 23rd. This lasts until April 13. I would not advise starting important new projects during this period. Best to hold off until Mars goes direct. It's in the hard-working and service oriented sign of Virgo. This bodes well for looking behind the scenes toward your own long-term goals and efforts, organizing finances, completing unfinished tasks and in general preparing for the event of forward motion on April 13.

At the other end of Aquarius we find Neptune occupying 29 degrees until early February when it moves into the sign Pisces, which it naturally rules, and will remain until January 2026. My natal Pisces Sun at 3 degrees will be strongly affected by the slow passing (transit) of Neptune until 2015. You might want to check the position of Neptune by house and aspect in your own chart. Wherever it travels it lights up the spiritual/mystical side of things. Perceptions become more "right brain" which can lead to increased inspiration and intuition. The ego may seem less organized and there can be a rise in ones level of love and compassion for others. Sounds to me like that would fit the 2012 energy theme. Perfect timing.

I named my collage this month, "Star Woman." Her feet are on the labyrinth, the puzzle of the human story, the struggle to integrate the embodied human with the Divine Soul. Her head is in the stars, symbolizing her cosmic home. It speaks to her strongly in this Aquarius New Moon. She has no clothes. Her naked vulnerability is an act of faith in life's beneficence. She has strong self-esteem and courage in her personal truth. Behind her she feels the sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, symbolizing an order perceived from the larger perspective of Uranus.

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