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The collage art I use for each New Moon blog is chosen from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards.
This is a 44 card divination deck and booklet that can be purchased via my website. (see link in right column).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post #3 As promised, today's topic is deciding on subject matter for the cards. If you're interested in this process of making and using your own deck of tarot cards, or rather soul cards, you're already familiar with several tarot decks. And if you picture an array of these decks at a metaphysical book store you know that really anything goes. 
And yet each deck has an intention, a sense of itself, that holds it together. This is true despite the theme, a traditional tarot deck, an angel or Goddess deck, what have you. 
I am hoping you realize, as I have, that it's up to us to find our way. After all, it will be our personal soul card deck.
So here are a few of my emerging ideas: a card for each sign of the zodiac, one for each of the four seasons, a card for each of the four elements, cards with images from dreams that seem significant, people, living or dead, who have been a major inspiration to me, and archetypes that feel appropriate (example: pioneer). For this last idea I consulted my copy of the Caroline Myss book, Sacred Contracts.
Now these are just my ideas thus far and I suspect, based on the variety showing up already in completed cards (now 9), that I will swerve from this blueprint at will. I'm finding that the process of finding images to add to my collage box is pointing the way to future cards. I find I get fascinated by a particular image and it becomes a starting point for what a new card becomes. I try to remember it's my Soul trying to speak here and I would guess its first language is not words but images.
Once a card is completed there is the step of naming it and channeling the "speak of the Soul" that it evokes. I have created a journal just for this "Soul-speak" and am starting with a page for each card. First I copy the card (at 70%) and attach it with glue stick. 
I found an amazing and affordable ($7) journal I'm devoting to the Soul Speak cards. It's called a Pentalic a la Modeskin sketch book. The cover is flexible and soft (like moleskin) and comes in nice colors. It has an elastic band for closure and an expandable pocket inside the cover. Mine is 7 X 9 1/2".
I have shown you my first card, The Source. When it came to writing in my journal here's what came through: 
"I speak for your Soul's knowing its Divine Source, its resonance, its music, its vastness, its tender reassurance, its profound beauty, its joy in pure consciousness, all that you are. Your connection to Source is the birthright and pleasure of your Soul."
Some cards have more to say than others. This was relatively brief, looking back, but it was my first card. Still I very much appreciate and respect what it had to say.
I am putting photos of the cards on my Flickr page as I complete them. Feel free to follow the link and select the album named "Soul Speak Cards."  

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