Soul Speak Cards

The collage art I use for each New Moon blog is chosen from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards.
This is a 44 card divination deck and booklet that can be purchased via my website. (see link in right column).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just as I was thinking of starting a blog site I also started making a set of personal tarot-style cards using collage. The two activities seemed to be a fit.  First came the discovery of an internet hot topic, SoulCollage. This is a trademarked name and I suggest you google it to see what I'm talking about. To make a long story short a woman had the idea of creating a personal set of tarot cards using collage. She wrote a book about it and there are classes you can take and training and special supplies you can purchase. And you may just want to get onboard with this now that you've heard about it. 
But my adventure begins with a quick decision to go off on my own with the general concept and share it with you. Actually my first reaction was: how could something this wonderful have been out there in the world for 20+ years without my ever coming in contact with it? I love art, and collage, and I have a serious practice of working with tarot cards. 
Over the years I have particularly been happy with two decks: the Aleister Crowley (I use the Angeles Arrien tarot book for interpretations) and the Dakini Deck (based on Tibetan Buddism concepts). 
I discovered a process of my own where I select three cards and copy in a notebook some key words from the accompanying interpretive guides. Then I sit with a blank page and wait for inspiration. I sort of "hear" a voice that begins to talk and I write down what "they" say. The voice seems to come from a guide or group of guides who are observing me and basically encouraging me in my various struggles to grow and change toward a more perfect realization of my true Self. That's how it feels anyway. The things that I write down often seem more astute and wise than anything I could dream up so I continue to invite this source of input.
I decided to make my first card a representation of The Source, the Divine, God, Pure Consciousness. 
I have recently begun a practice of daily prayer and have been thinking about the issue of visualization of the Divine Source. It feels important to attempt to put it into some form, however abstract, to help make the connection. And so my first card, The Source, I have placed on the upper right.


  1. Kate, as always your work is stunning. I viewed your 4 cards on Flickr and what struck me most was how different they are in color and texture, yet they group nicely. When you create a collage, do you visualize the final art and search for images that fit, or do you collect images first, then let your imagination find ways to connect them?

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comments.
    To answer your question: I'd say at this stage I have only a vague idea of what course I'm on, in the sense of a big picture. So, yes, I've started with some concepts like Aries/Fire and Spring because they were coming up and I felt sure that I wanted to do a card for each of the signs anyway and the same for each of the seasons. I'll admit I have some favorite images and I'm sure I'll find ways to use them.