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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Equinox--Monday March 30--2017

Hello friends--This most important marker in our earthly circle of days is the true "New Year." Starting with the Sun in Aries, our starting point for another trip around the sky's 12 signs of the zodiac.

At no other time of the year is there a date of such importance and possibility. It is like an expanded version of the monthly New Moon. The season of winter is now behind us, and its time to plant the seeds of our future, for trips we will take, gardens that will begin to nourish us in months ahead, new projects we hope will succeed, new ideas to try out.

There's no time so full of the energy to break patterns and fears and step out to a fresh new perspective. You can feel the wind at your back encouraging your "spring cleaning" and perhaps your newfound courage to make a move out of your comfort zone.

I always like to create a chart (same as a natal chart) for an important time like this and interpret the chart similarly to a personal chart. My theory is that since I want to make use of the opportunity of this special day (including a few days on either side) I want to study the chart's energies. That way I feel I'm in the flow of the moment and I want to let that influence me and the personal issues I choose to focus on.

Our first consideration must be the dominance of the planet Mars, natural ruler of Aries. Within the number system of 12 applied to astrology, the sign, Aries, is in the #1 position. You can think of him as a masculine youngster of the Zodiac, someone innocent, unschooled, self important. Wherever Aries or the planet Mars show up in a chart they add energy, vitality, speed, courage and movement forward. We can take advantage of this as we look forward with intention to better our lives.

One interesting area of this same chart is focused on Venus. As is well known, the energy of Venus, is the opposite of Mars. She is related to beauty, harmony, the arts, empathy, intimate relationships. love itself.

I noticed that Venus was in the sign, Aries, and that it was retrograde (ending April 15). Being in Aries does not suit Venus. This situation might bring out some hidden emotions, like anger or resentment, which are more easily expressed in a Mars energy field. And as if things can be more complicated, the planet, Saturn, is making a square aspect to Venus. Sounds to me like we all would want to spend some time alone in a cave thinking critically about our love relationships before we make things worse. This Equinox doesn't look like a good day to get married or something like that.

Might be better to say this is a great opportunity to open the lid of the place where we put away our frustrations with our love life? There surely will be better days for Venus around the corner. And meanwhile we could make use of the positive side of Mars, the joy of movement forward, for improvements, for hard work ending in success, for action, not just good ideas.

Hooray to the Spring Equinox and to us all!

Love, Kate

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